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Small Inspected Meat Processing

"Business is quickly growing, and the HACCP (plan) has been easy to follow and has made our inspectors very happy. We feel like it has been analyzed forwards, backwards, and upside down...all with no real issues.  The fact that we survived our FSA with only two very minor NR's is a huge testament to our partnership!  Therefore, I would be honored to recommend your (Fuller Consulting) services at any opportunity."

-Amy Robinette, Micro Summit Processors, NC

Fuller Consulting is committed to aiding the growing number of people involved in, or interested in, meat processing in an effort to bring the availability of high-quality, well-raised meats back to the US. There are many hurdles to overcome, but with the proper systems in place the niche meat industry can grow along with all of the benefits they provide to their communities.  Our belief is that everyone deserves good meat - with a fair price to the farmers, the butchers, and the consumers.  In addion to on-the-job experience, Chris has continuously studied what works and what doesn't in the current and future marketplaces. We are able to pass along that knowledge to new and established processors alike.

Whether your background is in meat processing, farming and ranching, food-service, or something completely different, we'll help you understand what it takes to get from farm to fork without making the same mistakes others have already made.  Those mistakes can mean the difference between long years of breaking the bank and making a profit - get it right the first time.

Fuller Consulting is available to help you with your meat-based projects be it a butchershop, traditional processing plant, restaurant, or on-farm slaughter facility. Visit Chris's blog to read advice, lessons, and stories in small meat processing.  The tips you'll see there focus on design, planning, and operations. Learn more about our services on the advisingpage, then contact us to share your needs.