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Small Inspected Meat Processing

"Business is quickly growing, and the HACCP (plan) has been easy to follow and has made our inspectors very happy. We feel like it has been analyzed forwards, backwards, and upside down...all with no real issues.  The fact that we survived our FSA with only two very minor NR's is a huge testament to our partnership!  Therefore, I would be honored to recommend your (Fuller Consulting) services at any opportunity."

-Amy Robinette, Micro Summit Processors, NC

If you are thinking of buying or starting your own inspected meat processing plant, you've come to the right place.  I've seen it all - good and bad - in the processing industry.  You may have already been in contact with an extension office, an architect, toured other plants, and met with your regional USDA representative.  But, those people aren't going to run your processing plant; you are.  Going forward, your best advice is going to be from someone who has worked in a small plant in every facet.  Avoid costly errors in construction and create a smarter workplace that maximizes efficiency.

Visit my blog to read advice, lessons, and stories in small meat processing.  The tips you'll see there focus on design, planning, and operations.  I am also available to work with you one-on-one to assist you with your project.  Learn about my services on the advising page, then contact me to share your needs.